Seeking studio mate for our fully functioning woodshop

Seeking a studio mate for woodshop. The Shop is located within walking distance to Home Depot on North Ave as well as Red and Blue lines. Down the street from the hideout, easy parking out front.

All tools are included and provided. Rent
varies based on individuals needs: see the various levels/options below. 

1. Premium: 24-hour access, all tool usage, project storage, and maintenance included. $1100/month. (requires (2) classes)

2. Plus: 24-hour access, most tool usage, some storage, maintenance
included. $700/month (requires (2) classes)

3. Typical: Weekend and weeknight access supervised (3-4 days a week 4-5
hours sessions), all tool usage, some storage, maintenance required.

4. Hourly: $40/ hour, all tool usage no storage, maintenance included.

Tools include: 

  • Jet brand table saw with cut off table
  • Jet brand planer
  • Jet brand drill press
  • 240 gallon 150PSI compressor piped to whole shop for air tools
  • Dust collection
  • Exhaust fan
  • Paint room
  • office
  • All hand tools, drill bits, electric hand tools, you can imagine.


Please email if interested and include what type of access you are looking for. 

Space Detail
Heating/Air Cond
Loading Dock
Staff/Office Equipment: 
Fax Machine